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Did you ever want to start a project? The idea of having our own thing is very exciting. It could be something to have fun with but also something life-changing. Whatever your motivation is, when you start, it is easy to get distracted, spending time on the wrong things, feeling lazy one day after the other, and not really getting started or giving up too soon.

Getting started is actually not that complicated. It is however the most important step. Without it, there is no project.
Then comes execution. Execution is the most underestimated step of a business launch from people who never went through. Execution is everything, it is the hard part.

Our objective at How To Get Started, is to understand how hustlers and/or entrepreneurs get started and execute. What drives them and how do they get to do what they do.

It is always interesting to understand how those people find the strength to start a business or a side project on top of a full-time job, quit their job to start one, or find strength in an unanticipated situation to get started.

Our objective is to interview those doers. We want to meet them and take a bit of their time while they start their project to understand their motives, what got them started, and why. We want to know what are their objectives, such as launching a business, or just a passion project. We want to understand their strategies to get there, what are their tips and tricks to get there.

The thing is that plans can change, or not! But we want to know how they grow their project, what they consider successful, what didn’t, what went according to the plan, what didn’t. To do so, we’ll keep in touch with them and share the evolution of their projects and try to understand how they adapt.

So, thank you, entrepreneurs and hustlers, who agree to share their story with all of us, taking some time off their project when they need it the most.

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