How to get started

A place to see how people that are actually doing it, do it.

Launching a project is both exciting and scary. A lot of questions come rumbling in your brain. What should I do? What technology to use? How do I reach out to people?
It is a bit overwhelming.
This feeling, everyone experiences it. It is part of the process. It needs to be controlled to make sure to focus on added value tasks.

Here, at How To Get Started, we want to hear from those who are doing it. Why? How? For whom?

We believe that everybody has an interesting project and a smart way to solve the problems encountered. We are looking at all types of projects, creating a community, a weekly newsletter, a Youtube channel, or the next Google.

If you are curious about hearing from others how they do what they do, you are in the right place. If you want to share your story, feel free to reach out.